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In 2011 I sat in a commercial airplane for the first time of my life. For some reason, I have always travelled by other means, also, I was supporting myself in a foreign country, so I never happened to travel by air. But at Sept 28th 2011, I and nine work colleagues flew with SAS to London for an innovation study and making contacts tour.

I was afraid that I would develop serious fear for flight, but let us just safely assume that did not happen. In the contrary, it was -the- most awesome thing I have encountered for
a very long time.

I did not know anything about aerodynamics, so I thought, most of the "getting airborne" 'lift' had to come from the power plant, and so I prepared for a five minute run on the runway.

I decidedly was in for a surprise, because the plane rotated after ca. 30 seconds and left me in utter awe, how a take-off feels. It felt like time was stretched and at the same time things would take less time. So everything in the plane seemed like going on double the speed as outside. Also it felt like we were travelling upwards on a solid staircase made of air. The wonders of the air foil and elevator rudder made those things possible :D

In the air everything was magical, the clouds, the tiny city scapes, the rigorous straight angles of the crop fields, the blood vessels made of interstate roads, and that certain blue that the sky has at 10.000 feet. Going in over London (with one go-around) was pure science fiction. It looked like a motherboard with silos and buildings as the resistances and the roads as connections, but it had also an organic feel, like poured lead,
because London of course is not a
regular square shape.

My colleagues had a blast with my
unadulterated excitement.

In the days I worked, and in the nights I dreamed of flying. You know these dreams, where you fly without any aid? The flying movement in Second Life® is modelled to resemble this type of flight.
My dreams have changed from flying with my arms stretched out to flying all sorts of aircraft.

I came home with about 200£ worth of clothes. I also was enamoured by the magnitude of the city. Like, really, a five-story clothes shop? Also, it was at the time, when students were having "School's Out" shopping sessions, so the only thing you could do was follow the streams of teenagers and post-teens and hope, you would get near that one 40£ dress before the others wearing the same size as you. I loved drifting around like that :D

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In London I also laid the ground for the comic "Flight TBS1773 - What A Load", in which Sini Sciavo and Aerethir El-Kharisti are called forth to fly a 319 to God knows where. On the comic I have to say that the series of really bizarre catastrophes happening, while I was drawing it, ruined the script, so the comic might never be finished.

I wanted the comic to have a minimum of realism, so I asked around, if someone knew the syllabus taught in aviation classes.

A friend of mine, who dabbled with the idea of becoming an airline pilot, but was less enchanted with the idea of either massive debt or eight years in the service, said, why did I not try and fly myself. I thought, he was kidding, because I have relatively bad eyesight. Also, I was too old by what I thought was flying standards.

But I was still within the limits for private pilots, I found at the medical assessment, and so I started theory classes in Roskilde in September 2012. I passed the test in December. In January 2013 I passed the radio certificate test.

I may or I may not become a GA pilot at some point. I'm thinking: Should I fail, or it is not possible or I am too dumb (navigation by aerochart: A teeth puller of massive proportions for me) then I can at least say "This was the one time, where I did give fuck all in 'Oh, but isn't it too hard, and what if I fail' and just tried it anyway."

I cannot see, how I will ever regret any time or any money spent on this pursuit.

It is true when they say: You don't regret the things you have done, you regret the ones
you did not do.

And once you have tasted the skies,
you will always want to return...

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Left seat in a Piper 28

I do not have a lot of pictures from training, because frankly, we do have all sorts of other stuff on our minds, but here is one of my knees in a Piper 28 :o)

Cramming tools

Crammery galore.

Ocean view at 1200ft

This is why flying is awesome :D