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About Me

Sunsign is Cancer
Ascendant is Aquarius
Moon Sign is Capricorn


My Footsteps in
[The Wondersome Wordpress World

I like cats, spaceships, vampires, [airplanes], sting rays and chocolate with coffee :o)

And maybe you. Have we met?

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Incomplete list of places, I infest:

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+ darkness is only a lack of light +

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Picure by Lisa Reschefski

This photo is a result of a double exposure.
It was shot by Lisa Reschefski on Tuesday March 9th, 2004 at the Øksnehallen.
She first shot the wall, and then me in front of the same wall.

Another picure by Lisa Reschefski

Another one of those. The walls bear history and souls XD

Painted portrait of me by Lisa Reschefski

And then, she painted a portrait of me for my birthday. You may want to add her [Instagram This is an outlink to a Facebook-owned domain] account to your daily watching list.