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Bounce, baby!

the|blackscorpio thinks, these people do interesting, enlightening and just plain cool stuff,
which we are so fortunate to be able to see on their web pages.

Sometimes the heart blood of people becomes a commercial success,
and if they still rock and don't cater too much to the lowest common nominem possible,
you'll still find them here :)

Also you may find pages on which people worked with concepts and characters,
which are not entirely made up by themselves, i. e. fan pages.
If they go beyond the "OMG *drool* *kawaii* *Tokio Hotel/Inuyasha*" -state
you may find them here too :o

Latest revision JAN 01 2019


Visual arts, fine arts and strips.

[A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran]

Colleen Doran became famous around my parts for "A Distant Soil", Her artwork for the novels is gorgeous, detailed, often embellished with whimsical stars and curls, but completely void of cheap tricks. She also busted an arm and a leg for helping young people, who wanted to break into the industry, and has written countless, very informative blogs on the industry and its pitfalls. Colleen's person definitely matches her art.

Linkbanner for afterimages of ghostfire

Afterimages of Ghostfire is the personal portfolio of Julia Lichty, who paints fantasy scenes and beings full of sorrow and longing for light.

Linkbanner for Alex Drummond

This guy seriously knows how to put a bleak urban sci-fl environment together.

Linkbanner for Akeyla

Barbara Utzinger is a die-hard fan of the musical Cats, but much more than that she is an intense and gifted visual artist and sculptor. In the brush strokes you see a life force, which I personally adore and also fear a little bit.

Linkbanner for Alyn Ware Spiller

This one is a case of "I fucking love every pixel of what you do, just because"

Linkbanner for Anke Eissmann

Anke Eißmann became famous and employed for her illustration of the Lord of the Rings books. Her art has a slight Medieval touch to it and this plays very well against the drama in the pictures. The people aren't the main focus, the images work as a whole impression. She works mainly in water colours, but she also shows other media, as well as short movies and animation line tests on her page.

Linkbanner for Chicken Wings Comics - Aviation Comics and Cartoons by Michael and Stefan Strasser

Chuck is the the CPL-holder of Roost Air. He also never takes off his sun glasses and he is a major PITA for Julio, the mechanic. He has on/off aspirations for flying for NASA, and for flirting with the female chicken. But before I reveal too much, see for yourself :D Yes, it's you, Chuck :D

Linkbanner for DAN LUVISI

Dan Luvisi's cartoonish art is always worth a look. Especially, if he gives real cartoon characters a much needed makeover [on his blog] :D

Linkbanner for Linkbanner for Dany & Dany

Anime/manga-style comics with vampires, and with some of our favourite longteeth from "Interview With The Vampire"

[( ˇ~ˇ ) visual chinatown of davidope]

"dvdp", a.k.a. David Ope, a.k.a. The Doped Man, a.k.a. David Szakaly, creates the most surprising and mezmerising GIF-arrangements and posts them for our great delight at his TUMBLrblog. Take a free trip to a faraway country in your mind :)

Linkbanner for Fallen Lights

Laura Pelick creates beautiful art with flowing lines, which reminds me of the waters. The site shows her aetherical and wondrous visions. Artful nudity and lots of not-so-obvious feminism. Also an art [Tumblr]

Linkbanner for Florent Llamas

High fantasy environment and scenic paintings that get your imagination going like only a few can.

Linkbanner for Fred Rambaud

Oh, those environment designs!! Also fantasy illustrations and tech vehicle designs.

[Garfield Minus Garfield]

The awkward moment when you realise, Garfield without the cat is a so many times better comic than with the cat.

Linkbanner for Gorblimey - Socar's World of Weird

Socar Myles once stated that this was her World of Weird, but it never was weird to me. Classic, very detailed sketches of all types of creatures. It must have been, what inspired Human Descent ;)

Linkbanner for Jonas De Ro Concept Design & Illustration

I have watched Jonas De Ro for ages, and he is the type of artist, who can take a one foot wide pencil and draw for three minutes, and then we have a realistic photoquality art piece.

Linkbanner for Yoshida Seji Art Gallery

So many spectacular pieces of anime art.

Linkbanner for KAGAYA Gallery

Kagaya creates the type of dreamy sci-fi and mythology-inspired art, which, if you're old enough you will remember this type of art from those spraybrush-painted posters form the early Eighties.

Linkbanner for Mike Corriero

No, this creature is impossible to draw. Well, Mike Corriero just did it :P

Linkbanner for Mike Stimpson Photography

Mike Stimpson has a great love for LEGO, and so he photographs them. (Yes, he is WAYYYY better that my own "My Spaceship Has Landed")

Linkbanner for n o w h e r e g i r l . c o m

Nowhere girl is a comic about Jamie, who doesn't feel at home with herself. The story starts out with a lay off note from her job and she goes out in the rainy day to say goodbye to a guy named Daniel...And the plot thickens. This was my favourite comic in the mid-2000, because it made me want to just up and leave and feel good about my future a lot.

Linkbanner for Romantically Apocalyptic

This webcomic by Toronto-based artist [Vitaly S Alexius] with studio assistance of Meeshka, Azim, Chico, [plus many awesome guest artists] is about zee Captain, Pilot, and a small band of other characters finding their way through a post-fallout cityscape.

Linkbanner for Shadowscapes - The Art of Stephanie Law

Some saw Stephanie Pui Mun Law starting out as an artist on Elfwood, and since she has become a recognised artist and illustrator, and makes art of rarely seen beauty. Her web portfolio full of enigmatic and dream-like imageries of animals, sprites, forms and shapes.

Linkbanner for Shawn Thornton - Artist

Shawn Thornton developed cancer in the pineal gland, while he was in art school. This, according to himself has influenced his art in a massive way. For me, his art has something unexplainably calming and hopeful vibrations. Please meet the awesomeness, that is Shawn Thornton. Also on [FLICKr].

Linkbanner for Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts takes a very sharp look at the world of today and turns his view into art. Like this [brick with the Donald Trump hairdo].

Linkbanner for Tirn Aill

*this* I did not expect! Back in the old, roaring Elfquest fan art community times, Petra De Roodt and Nihâl Yildirim were my personal überstars. And now it looks like they are back! w00talicious!

Linkbanner for U.N.A. Frontiers on Amilova

So, a comic with a cybernetic dolphin? 1900th century style surroundings? You have my full attention. Do yourself favour and read the first pages thoroughly, it will give you a good background to understand the political landscape, and you will be properly introduced to the anime-istic AI Cyberna :o) And, on top of that, you can buy both volumes of this very professional and well-drawn comic story for one Euro each!

In Words

It was a dark and stormy night, when my Internet connection disappeared...

[Warren Ellis]

Yes, everybody and their threelegged lab dog links to Warren Ellis. But he does good stuff in the writings, so.


Waves on air and in electricity ...


AlienHand, a.k.a. Kenneth Ansbjerg, does superspacetrippy tracks for EVE Online and other general enjoyment. Feel the dark, cold private touch of the AlienHand... oh, wait :P


Direct quote from Aleksander Støver himself: " I make music because I love to. I don't want to be famous, I don't want to make a lot of money, all I want is to keep making music and share it with everyone. Especially robots, hackers, and nerds. Hoping one day to create something truly unique. Something out of this world. "

Stage & Demo

Blibs from Demoparties, and stage decoration.

Linkbanner for Andromeda Software Development

If you have to watch but one video today, make it this one: []
Andromeda Software Development (abbreviated ASD) is a Greek demogroup who assembled for the first time in 1992. Originally active in the mid-1990s on MS-DOS. The group resurfaced in the early 2000s, and are famous for their poetic and elaborate OpenGL demos on Windows PCs.

NEW Linkbanner for Pouet - Your demo resource center

"...oookay ? What's a demo ?

That's a question akin to "where do babies come from" in that many have tried and failed explaining it without making it sound absolutely ridiculous.

Demos are the things that happen when people who are interested in computers sit down together and make something fun and spectacular and challenging to program. They work on it until it becomes a final work of art, then they pack up their sleeping bags and travel to a demoparty where they enter it to a competition. That's pretty much the gist of it. "

Art on the streets

When art goes out and talks to the daily people.


Yes, everybody and their threelegged lab dog links to Banksy. But every extra link that does not go to the fake Farcebook page is a good link, so.


Bert is an incognito woodscraftsman. He brazenly pillagers wooden materials from throughout urban settings, and gives them back in a slightly modified, and sometimes breast-shaped way :)

[Husk Mit Navn]

I remember, when I saw the huskmitnavn @ sprays around almost centuries ago. Now he still "slår sine folder her"

Fandom Sites
Linkbanner for Council of Elrond

The Council of Elrond is a fan portal on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, crafted by a person who did not read the books before seeing the movies. Still active.

Linkbanner for The Little Vampire Fanpage by Jens Holze

Another fanpage on Rüdiger :D Character descriptions, story outlines, pictures and downloads. And the Howl^^ This page wins for its "Web 2.0" content, you can subscribe to the page news via feed reader and there is a prepared search for the books on Amazon.

Linkbanner for Lord of the Peeps

Entropy House Productions Presents - Lord of the Peeps, a low budget Non Dogma production: a story of friendship, betrayal and Styrofoam thingies :D

Linkbanner for | Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

The Star Wars EVERYTHING on the Internet.

Linkbanner for Vampirgruft

This page has an ugly frameset, but elsewise the design is quite effective and the page itself has a very rich content. The page holds a big Little Vampire encyclopaedia with info on virtually anything concerning Rüdiger, Lumpi and all the other much beloved characters.