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"Where is the Any key,
it says "Press Any Key""
Bounce, baby!

No general info on most of these pages, because I belive, that there are
many, many, many people, who know a lot more about these pages than I do.
You are strongly advised to seek additional knowledge
about these programmes and applications.

Latest revision JAN 01 2019

Other Items of Interest
Tech News & Editorials
Linkbanner for gulli news

German news resource on data issues, mainly accomplished by unpaid people from the data-trenches. Wow, my lame description =_=

Linkbanner for Facecrooks

"Our mission is to monitor and chronicle the seedy, unsavory and sinister side of social media. We provide current news, educational resources and alerts on social media privacy, safety and scams."

Linkbanner for heise online

German news web-magazine mainly on IT-technology, but related topics are covered as well. Highly cited and mentioned in the parts of German bloggery I visit.

Linkbanner for Privacy Org

Privacy.Org is the site for daily news, information, and initiatives on privacy. This web page is a joint project of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Privacy International.
Somewhat American-centered, but definitely for Non-Americans too.