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Stories from The Second and Third Forths

Read the epic tales of life as an avatar,
the fast-tracking to oblivion of pilots,
and the mindnumbing reports on mining. And more.

Now with more epicness and dimensions :D

Jump, jump, jump, until you burst into flames!

.:: English Fiction from Virtual Worlds ::.

Last revised JAN 2nd 2015


Aerethir of the Gallente also wrote a
life log aside the ship log.

In fact, he wrote more than one page :D

Saimaani also was really good at keeping a diary, while in SecondLife®.

Saimaani started to fall out with Sini, but for now it was more about how she and others squatted on Coral Bay.

Saimaani also ran into some alien fluidum, that changed her into an alien. She did not write about that a lot, but it does show in these entries. Also here Aerethir entered their life from outer space, ruining the relationship between her and Sini almost completely. I was quite proud of this page.