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Stories from The Second and Third Forths

Read the epic tales of life as an avatar,
the fast-tracking to oblivion of pilots,
and the mindnumbing reports on mining. And more.

Now with more epicness and dimensions :D

Jump, jump, jump, until you burst into flames!

.:: Fiction from Virtual Worlds ::.

Last revised JAN 2nd 2015


Saimaani of SecondLife® and Aerethir and Sini, a miner pilot of EVE, and a vampire who time-space travelled to EVE, clash dramatically, when starting to live together after a crash landing. These are the diaries. (Yes, Saimaani is
supposed to be a jerk here ;P)

[Aerethir's Diary Page One]
[Aerethir's Diary Page Two]
[Saimaani's Diary Page One]
[Saimaani's Diary Page Two]
[Saimaani's Diary Page Three]