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Read the fakking F.A.Q.

[F.A.Q. # 0.0 Why this MASSIVE F.A.Q.?]

Last Update: JAN 04 2019

. : : Overview : : .

General Page FAQ

T.O.W. the OTHER Worlds FAQ

the Elfsewer FAQ

the Library Vault FAQ

the Attic full of treasures FAQ

Links! FAQ

me; the Contact and Co. FAQ

Other Stuff Not Mentioned Yet FAQ

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. : : General Page FAQ : : .

#1.1 WTF? What is all this?

#1.2 Are you really a threelegged cat, typing with your broken tail?

#1.3 I want to link your ressource.
Any link banners and todo's there?


#1.5 Your page is so 2001

#1.6 How often do you update this page?

#1.7 Can you alert me, when you update?

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. : : the OTHER Worlds FAQ : : .

#2.1 What is the T.O.W.?

#2.2 What are the three (four?) levels in T.O.W.?

#2.3 Ahuh. So what is T.O.W Medieval like?

#2.4 Ahuh-ahuh. And what is T.O.W NOW like?

#2.5 Ahaaah. And what is kicking in T.O.W the Future?

#2.6 What is this Elfqust character and Legolas doing in this holy selfmade World of yours? These are not your IPs!

#2.7 What is T.O.W. Virtual?

#2.8 Okay, and what is this eye thing?

#2.9 Gotcha, and what is this weird The|Blackscorpio Enterprises page about?

#2.10 And what is the McKenzie Project? How do I become a part of this?

#2.11 What the Hell is the "MassiveW0rmh0le ver.3.4" and how do I enter it?

#2.12 You're seriously nuts!

#2.13 Your sorry attempts of _Fill in blank_ is offensive to me. Also, you are culturally appro[longfuckingword]ing my culture.

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. : : the ELFSEWER F.A.Q. : : .

#3.1 Boo? Elf-"Sewer"?

#3.2 Is there a specific order in the ElfSewer?

#3.3 How can I comment on a picture in the gallery?

#3.4 The -OTHER- Elfquest?

#3.5 Leave and For... - Gna?

#3.6 Da'Fuq is Flight 1773?

#3.7 Tell me more about this Justice Leak...

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. : : the Library Vault FAQ : : .

#4.1 Oh fine, a library.
I'd like a book on guinea pigs and their care :)

#4.2 What is the system in the library, how do I find stuff?

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. : : the Attic of Treasures FAQ : : .

#5.1 What can one find in the Attic besides dust?

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. : : Links! FAQ : : .

#6.1 How do you choose, what pages you link?

#6.2 Is there a specific order in the Link List?

#6.3 Do I have a word to say in, what you link?

#6.4 Do I have a word to say in my Link Info?

#6.5 I see that you have linked me, and I don't want you to link me!

#6.6 Do I have to give head to earn such a glorified description of my page?

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. : : The Me FAQ : : .

#7.1 You're not a Scorpio...

#7.2 Do you have a social page thingie?

#7.3 You have added me, and I don't know you.
Who the fuck are you?

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. : : Other Stuff FAQ : : .

This FAQ builds itself from contacts from online life :)

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