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Last update: JAN 01 2019

The Unfinished Symphonies

the "Oh, you're not going to throw out THAT" Gallery
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Black Moon at the 2D animation table  Calimero on Frederiksberg  Keziah goes Uh-Oh!  Batman in trademark female posture  Furry Pixie Elf Legolas  Gyro Gearloose sketch  Uncle Scrooge sketch  Daisy Duck sketch  Donald Duck sketch  Huey, Dewey and Louie sketch  Christopher & Wikus  GAMERS UNITE! (sketch)  Stealth Ray Aircraft Sketches  Black Sun and Black Moon  NEW!Knautschi McFlausch  NEW!Lars not filling out these clothes  NEW!Lars not being a good compagnion elf 

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[Black Moon at the 2D animation table]  [Calimero on Frederiksberg]  [Keziah goes Uh-Oh!]  [Batman in trademark female posture]  [Furry Pixie Elf Legolas]  [Gyro Gearloose sketch]  [Uncle Scrooge sketch]  [Daisy Duck sketch]  [Donald Duck sketch]  [Huey, Dewey and Louie sketch]  [Christopher & Wikus]  [GAMERS UNITE! (sketch)]  [Stealth Ray Aircraft Sketches]  [Black Sun and Black Moon]  NEW![Knautschi McFlausch]  NEW![Lars not filling out these clothes]  NEW![Lars not being a good compagnion elf] 

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