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Last update: JUN 02 2007


There might at some undisclosed point be displayed on this page:

  • Nudity
  • Adult action in all its forms
  • Hentai
  • Violence
  • Yaoi/yuri
  • and other upsetting imagery.
  • (It doesn't really right now, though :p)
so if you really don't want to look at this kind of stuff, then leave.

If you look at it, then I assume, that you really wanted to see it, and all lame ass mails and messages revolving around "Eeew, that is just SO GROSS, how could you do that with my favourite characters, and you shouldn't be displaying that kind of material online, what if your employer sees this, blah blah, yaddah-yaddah" will be viewed as being the proof of an incredibly dump person typing random stuff with these fun buttons with those weird glyphs on them!

Savvy? then scrollie, scrollie, scrollie^^

This gallery may contain images of characters, which are not made up by me.
Copyright information is on the single image pages.

Mature Concepts

the "You Should Really Not Be Here" Gallery

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