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Last update: JUN 27 2019

A L B U M - S I Z E D

Comics that are sequentially long enough
to call them "Graphic Novels".

Most are unfinished, because somehow life fucks with my ambition to do albums :P

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WE NEED YOU, BATMAN - The Justice League Unlimited Copenhagen Chapter title image

Rampaged Batman Frame

:: J L U   :   C P H ::

-   T H E   J U S T I C E   L E A K   of   C O P E N H A G E N ::

Um, yeah.
We even made it through the Solar Eclipse
going through the USA :P

But, seriously, where is Superman now? Or any superhero?
We have been looking for them, since Genesis sung that particular line.

Flight TBS, What A Load title image

:: F L I G H T   T B S 1 7 7 3 ::

-   W H A T   A   L O A D ::

"This is the Captain speaking, unfortunately we missed the runway..."

The|Blackscorpio has a one plane airline.
And I have had it with illogical censorship.
⚑ U N F I N I S H E D   B U S I N E S S : -8- pages

Leave and Forget, a District 9 dôjinshi

:: L E A V E   &   F O R G E T ::

-   A   D I S T R I C T   9   D Ô J I N S H I ::

So, did Christopher come home?

Based on a fan fiction story by Dreamerchaos
We deal with the concept of male/male here!!!
⚑ U N F I N I S H E D   B U S I N E S S : -13- pages

Black Moon, the OTHER Elfquest cover title
:: B L A C K   M O O N ::
-   T H E   O T H E R   E L F Q U E S T ::

The Black Moon Comic on the GateWay^^

50 pages of how I fuck with the fandom in a massive way.
My oldest work, so bear with the quality.
⚑ F U L L   A L B U M : -50- pages

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