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Last update: Somewhere around March 2015

F L I G H T   1 7 7 3 
- W H A T   A   L O A D 

Black Moon, the OTHER Elfquest cover title

"This is the captain speaking,
unfortunately, we missed the runway"

This is the sordid tale of the first flight
the newly erected airline The|BlackScorpio Airlines committed.
Also, this is my comment on ridiculous censoring and warnings on the Internet.

Unfortunately, Germanwings Flight 9525 arrived at around page 13 in the pencils,
and I absolutely could not work on this comic with the current script
after this event, and so for now it is unfinished.

To read, select single pages below.
The pages are connected in a linear way,
so if you want to read the first through the last page,
you may want to start at page 1.


[page one]
[page two]
[page three]
[page four]
[page five]
[page six]
[page seven]
[page eight]


[Uncensored page one]
[Uncensored page two]
[Uncensored page three]
[Uncensored page four]
[Uncensored page five]
[Uncensored page six]
[Uncensored page seven]
[Uncensored page eight]

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