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Claimers and Disclaimers:

Disclaimer: Elfquest art copyright 2002-2014 Warp Graphics, Inc. Elfquest, its logos, characters, situations, all related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer 2: Legolas Greenleaf and some other characters created by J.R.R. Tolkien and ©2003 Tolkien Enterprises, All Rights Reserved. Legolas appearance on these sites is designed by the production staff of New Line Cinema. My renditions are fan art^^ and I claim no right over other than the actual drawings and paintings I have made.

Disclaimer 3: There will be other images of characters I did not invent on this page, i. e. "Fan Art" or character inserts into other intellectual world construct, such as EVE Online and Second Life®. In all cases, copyright to these characters and situations stays with the original creator. No third party may use these images without mentioning the original creator, and I as the creator to the particular piece containing this character or situation.

Disclaimer 4: Astronomical pictures from [NASA ] and screengrabs, which I have grabbed from various DVD's, have been used as inspiration and have been traced in a graphics program, also parts of stock photography have been used.

Disclaimer 5: I used a plethora of brushes from these places: Forbidden Fire (offline), [Scully7491, formerly Jenns Sanity ], Miss M. (offline), the Magic Box (offline), [Linda "Midnightstouch" Rae ], [InouKai ], [Chloe Fowler ], [Chrissy79 ], [Kyasu ], [Conor Luddy ], [Zane Bien ], [Daniela ], [Callie S. ], ["Daughter Of Snape" ], [TechnoCandy ], [Obsessive Designs, formerly DigitalKitt3n ], [Angela ], [Eve Blackwood Is Not My Name ], [Falln Stock ], [Blane Edwards ], [Brenda ], [Firestorm ], [Tinchen ], [Andreea C. ], [Hagar Or Screamotizer ], [Hawksmont Irrr ], [George Bitiusca ], [Scott Breckner ], [Dan Habermann ], [There is no tag ], [Scott Breckner ], [Tamsin Baker ], [Chantal Timmer ], [Bárbara Vaz ], [Jairo Souza ], [Andrew 2 ], [Christie Bella ], [Kumiko Asuka ], [Jasmin "Kuschelirmel" Junger ], [Lizzie Aranas ], [Ms. Brogu ], [Molly ], [Draumstafur ], Metrostation, [Monkwanderer ], [Morphine Alexiel ], [Dumdubidu ], [Moises Isaias Andujar ], [Tom ], [Ners ], [nnn ], [Aaron Jones ], [Kenneth Christiansen ], [Stephanie Shimerdla ], [Mimir ], [Photoshop Wonderland ], Igor M. ], [Nicky Morre ], [Cas Cornelissen ], [RevO ], [Riyoku ], [Monkwanderer ], [Anton J. Rozairo ], [Elliot Rogers ], [Sagakure ], [Agnes ], Serene X, [James Rushforth (for Shad0ws) ], [Isabelle ], [Mr M ], [Tesni ], [ ], krako a.k.a KEAF (offline), [Ludo ], [Adam M. Burleigh ], [Andi ★ Gina ], [bring your buckets by the dozen ], [Edgaras ], [Milos Vujnovic ], [Martine ], and [Taronay ].

Also I am using typefaces from [Kiwi Media ], [Andreas Nylin ], [T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock ] Clément Nicolle (offline), Maelle.Keita (offline), [Jovana Gaspar ], [Jellyka Nerevan ], [KC Fonts ], and many more, who were so nice to put out the fruits of their work and not even wanted to be credited.

Disclaimer 6: Written work and artwork, which is either partially or entirely done by others, have a copyright note in proximity to the item or in the page footer.

Last but not least:

Claimer: Black Moon, the OTHER Elfquest, its art, stories and logo are made by and property of the Black Scorpio, the Creator of Black Moon. Black Moon property right does not override Warp Graphics copyright of Elfquest and all related indicia.
Claimer 2: T.O.W ~ the OTHER Worlds, its art, stories and characters are made by and property of the Black Scorpio, the Creator of Black Moon. T.O.W. property right does not override any earlier copyrighted characters, logo, stories and art (like Tolkien, New Line Cinema and Legolas :p).
If not otherwise stated the contents of these pages are all dreamed up by me, the Creator of Black Moon, so mine is the copyright. One can tell, where my inspiration came from, but the very drawings, texts, graphics and codings is still my intellectual property.

Your rights:

  • You may take stories and pictures and showcase it on your page, but you have to clearly and visibly credit me and link back to me. Text links are as good as using banners. You may create a banner out of any craphic on this page, barring other people's work.
  • You may NEVER hotlink. It leeches bandwith, don't do it.
  • You may use a fan art image, however you must mention the original creator of the character (that's what their legal department says), and you must mention me as the creator of the image itself. Meaning, if you take, say, an image of Cutter from Elfquest for a background picture on your blog, you must add the Warp Graphics disclaimer, and a disclaimer saying theblackscorpio drew this.
  • You may use parts of the graphic and/or pictures to build your own page, but you have to clearly and visibly credit and link back to me. This also applies, if you modify my graphics for use on your own page.
  • If you want to use the key graphics, with or without modification by yourself or others, you must have my prior consent. Key graphics are graphics, which create the feel of the page, such as the jumpey, the title bars, and also parts of the coding, such as complete colour schemes. You must always have my prior consent and link back to me.
    • If you use a snippet, for example a square inch of a title, where only stars are present, you must not link back or note me.
  • You may take everything you need, if you want to create a linkbanner for linking back to me or otherwise advertise for this page. But you may only do so for this purpose!
  • Small excerpts from this page for review purposes may be reproduced as a part of Fair Use.
  • You may not make money of any of the content, directly or derivative.
  • You may not claim any of the content to be yours or created by you.
  • This page is not liable for any damages to hardware, you or your life in any shape or form :-)

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