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Last revised: AUG 21 - 2002

Jump, jump, jump, until you burst into flames!

NOTE: Because this mail is aeons old, Arlete may referr to items no longer presented on this page. I will however never delete this mail, because it is just heartwarming and pure awesone :D

Fra:     Arlete Madeira
Sendt :     21. august 2002 23:32:22
Til:     Black Moon's Fanpost

My name's Arlete, a.k.a Archmage Lucene, Landlady of Mora, keeper of que Spellbook, ruler over The Silent Ones (to talk about big fancy titles).

I just tripped over your page! (and the fall hurt like holy fire). I'm the fan of Elfquest that never read an Elfquest book, for in Portugal (my country) they don't sell them. (only read some online stories and been following most of it across the Web) I just tripped on Elfquest like I tripped on your Blackie.

Now for the real email purpose.

I'd like to congrat you. I started reading your comic and in the first few pages, I was laughing my head off. Then I laughed my heart off. Then my stomach, and I had to stop and go to the bathroom before I pissed myself! When I reached that part when Blackie is trying to revive Redlance and runs after him and Pike saying he would make their asses to have sex with the porcupine, I was practically histerical. I imagine what show I wasn't giving away, laughing like a maniac in front of the computer! Cuz we're not talking about a choke or two. We're talking about running to the toilet, lack of air and stepping away from the computer table to roll on the floor! And I give you my word of honour and swear by Skywise's underware (if he has some) I'm not joking!

That when, after being turned into vampire, Blackie goes to Cutter and there's a REAL party hanging on between him and dunno-who-else, also cracked me up (when I calmed myself down from hysterical laughing I tried to count the persons involved. I recognized Redlance. Who in "litterally" fuking party
are the others?)

And had another attack of maniacal laugh when Cutter used his phone (attached to some more stuff. Don't you hate mobiles?) to take Rayek out of the bath. Again when Blackie came ceawling down the tree... yes, yet again when Cutter was making silogisms out of the facts that Blackie killed his wolf, before that when Pike found him and started discussing with Strongbow... and all the "fukkins" and "dickhead of all dickheads" stuff! (this last one is a great one to call at school. Thanks!). At the very beggining, when Winn was telling herself she was going to be so fukking preagnant, I was laughing already!

Now seriously, I'm not an easy-laugh person, and even when I am, I usually do NOT laugh like I did with your comic. Please, do continue! You're making an excellent job! You have all the support from Portugal, at least from me and my brother. Not wanting to pressure you here, but here goes from me: WE WANT MORE FROM BLACKMOON! I really loved it. Thank you very much; to you for the comic, and my X-ellent luck that made me trip over Blackie.
(sorry 'bout that, chum).

We'll. That's all. Please continue making us laugh all acrosse the world!

Smell ya later.

Archmage Lucene (Arlete Madeira) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++